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    China's First Batch of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses Entered OperationTime:2018-03-01  Author:Zhai Shibao  Click:

    Recently, CCTV reported that the nation’s first commercial hydrogen-fuel-cell bus demonstration line for commercial operation was opened in Yunfu City, Guangdong Province. At the same time, the 28 bulk hydrogen fuel cell buses in the country have been put into trial operation in Guangdong Yunfu and Foshan this year. The two cities also plan to put in place 300 8.5-meter hydrogen fuel cell buses in transit areas in 2018. . This means that China's commercialization of fuel cells has taken the first step.
    It is understood that the hydrogen fuel cell bus operates quietly and is running smoothly. It is very comfortable to ride. The fuel cell can directly convert chemical energy into electrical energy without the need for intermediate transformation of the generator, so the fuel cell power generation efficiency is as high as 50% or more.
    Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have features such as non-pollution, low energy consumption, long battery life, and wide geographical coverage. And this kind of car will not emit carbon dioxide and other pollutants during the driving process, only discharge water. In addition, the time spent for hydrogenation is basically the same as the fuel bus refueling time, which is much faster than battery charging. Therefore, in the future of vehicle energy, hydrogen fuel and electricity will co-exist and complement each other and jointly support the development of the new energy automobile industry.

    According to the national strategy for the development of science and technology and industry, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are not far away from ordinary consumers: According to the plan, by 2020, China will implement large-scale demonstration and operation of hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cell technologies, with demonstration vehicles reaching 10,000 vehicles; In 2025, the scale of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will reach 120,000; in 2030, the large-scale application of hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be realized, and it is expected to exceed one million vehicles.

    Hydrogen Energy Correspondent  Zhai Shibao